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Vendor Leasing/Financing

We work with technology and other equipment vendors so they can provide their customers with competitive leasing and financing options that are presented in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Partnership Approach

Encore approaches each vendor relationship as a partnership. This approach allows us to develop custom programs that are best suited for our vendor partners and their customers. Additionally, all of vendor programs are supported by a dedicated team of professionals that understand the unique needs of each vendor partner. This ensures that the highest level of customer service is delivered to our vendors and their customers.

Presenting Encore lease financing options to your customers allows you to sell more equipment, to more customers, at higher margins, more often, all while improving your cash flow.

More Sales and Profits
  • Close sales faster and eliminate objections by offering a low monthly payment alternative to an acquisition
  • Provide a total solution that includes equipment, software, and services in one package
  • Reduce your “days sales outstanding” with our prompt payment process
More Support and Customer Satisfaction
  • Decades of experience in high technology lease financing
  • Streamlined document process managed by a dedicated team
More Opportunity
  • Custom programs with tailored offerings for your unique situation
  • Repeat customers who value you being as a convenient, single source for quality products and competitive, flexible financing
How Leasing Benefits Your Customers
  • Obtain the Latest Technology Today
  • Protect Against Technological Advances
  • Predictable, Low Payments
  • Lower Upfront Costs
  • Flexible Pay Structures
  • Ability to bundle Costs for Installation, Services, Maintenance and Taxes

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